Hebridean Grief, Beauty and Hope

The Road Dance, our main film for this Wednesday, 17th January is a drama set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Isle of Lewis. Hermione Corfield delivers a captivating performance as Kirsty, a young woman yearning for escape from her insular island life on the eve of World War I. When tragedy strikes, shattering her dreams and plunging her into grief, Kirsty must confront the ghosts of her past and find the strength to rebuild her life amidst the windswept beauty of the Hebrides. The film unfolds slowly, drawing the audience into Kirsty’s world with a quiet intimacy and a deep respect for the traditions and rhythms of island life.

If that wasn’t enough you will not want to miss Deloping. Not a made up word, it describes exactly what’s going on in this short film. Clueless duelists clash in a hilarious duel of absurdity with sharp dialogue and laugh-out-loud misunderstandings. Filmed locally in the Brecon Beacons.