Back home

Y Swn: A Welsh Roar for Language and Identity Our next film, on 14th March, gives you the opportunity to experience a piece of Welsh history told with passion, authenticity, and cinematic flair. As well as seeing some local landmarks as a back drop. Rhodri Evan delivers a tour-de-force performance as Gwynfor Evans, a charismatic… Continue reading Back home

Alpine Friendship

On 28th February you can soar into the breathtaking Italian Alps with “The Eight Mountains,” a visually stunning film from acclaimed director Felix van Groeningen. The film stars Luca Marinelli, as Pietro, a restless wanderer drawn to the urban world, and Alessandro Borghi, as Bruno, a man deeply rooted in the rugged mountain village they… Continue reading Alpine Friendship

Escape to Italy

Moving from the hills of Galicia in our last film, to the magnificent Italian Alps in our next. Don’t miss your chance to climb the peaks of emotion with “The Eight Mountains” on 28th February. Two childhood friends, Pietro and Bruno, embark on a lifelong journey. Bound by a shared love for the wild, their… Continue reading Escape to Italy

Not a massacre….

….but tension is high in this week’s film on St Valentine’s Day. Winner of “Best European Film” at the San Sebastián International Film Festival 2022. Rural Galicia provides the backdrop to The Beasts. A French couple, Antoine and Olga seek a peaceful life, farming on their new land but their idealistic vision collides with the… Continue reading Not a massacre….

Galician Beasts

Our next film, a simmering Spanish thriller, screening on Valentine’s Day, is anything but romantic. Rural tensions turn brutal in “The Beasts“ An eco-conscious French couple settle in a remote village, seeking peace and sustainability. Their plans clash with the locals, particularly two resentful brothers embittered by the changing landscape and threatened by the newcomers’… Continue reading Galician Beasts

Korean Baby Trafficking

Wednesday, 31st January brings us to Broker. An unlikely topic for comedy but Hirokazu Kore-eda, having previously brought us Shoplifters, masterfully delivers a thought provoking road trip, challenging societal norms, questioning the meaning of family, sacrifice, and redemption. Broker is a captivating blend of humour and heartbreak. A testament to Korea’s rising status in world… Continue reading Korean Baby Trafficking

Back to Korea

We’re globe trotting again with a return to South Korea for our next film on Wednesday 31st January. The Korean film industry has risen in stature over recent years creating global blockbusters. Hirokazu Kore-eda previously brought us Shoplifters. His new film, “Broker“, delves into the murky world of baby trafficking, but with surprising tenderness. Song… Continue reading Back to Korea

Great Start

We hope you all enjoyed our first film of 2024, which was of course 1976. Only two weeks to wait for our next screening on January 17th. We will be showing our main feature, The Road Dance, a drama set against the beautiful back drop of the Isle of Lewis. In addition we have the… Continue reading Great Start

Happy New Year

Welcome back. We hope you had a good Christmas, watched some good films, and are ready for more. We start this year with 1976. This is not your typical historical drama. It simmers beneath the surface, a slow burn of unease in Pinochet’s Chile. Aline Küppenheim delivers a masterful performance as Carmen, a woman drawn… Continue reading Happy New Year