One Way to Denmark

15 December 2021



Director: Adrian Shergold

In this heart-warming comedy, Herb, a down on his luck Welshman played by Rafe Spall, hatches a far-fetched plan to better his life. Herb’s life is a mess. He’s lost his social benefits, can’t hold a job,
can’t talk to his son, has a neighbour who won’t shut up and a diet that consists mainly of cheap beer and mushy peas. It’s no way to live and he knows it. After discovering Danish convicts live a luxurious life he could only dream of, Herb decides to travel across Europe with one crazy goal; to get himself arrested and sent to a Danish prison where the beds are warm and the water is hot. After meeting a local barmaid and a lovable stray dog who won’t leave his side, Herb begins to realise that prison may not be his only chance to get the life he hoped for.