Summer quiz

We hope you are all enjoying your summer film break. We are putting together next season’s programme and hope to give more details in a month or two prior to membership applications. In the meantime something new, a film society summer quiz. Composed of short clips from film trailers, there are some famous, some infamous,… Continue reading Summer quiz

Woman at War

06 Nov 2019 Director: Benedikt Erlingsson Iceland 2018 100 min Of Horses and Men Director Benedikt Erlingsson addresses urgent issues with a light touch in this pleasingly off-the-wall combination of absurd comedy and tense drama. Halla seems to lead a quiet and routine existence but her happy and upbeat exterior hides a secret double life.… Continue reading Woman at War


09 Oct 2019 Director: Nadine Labaki Lebanon, USA 2018 120 min This stunningly realised drama charts the journey of children on the edges of society who find hope despite the challenges of their everyday lives. Zain is a young boy living with his family in an impoverished Beirut neighbourhood. Street-wise beyond his years, Zain’s resentment… Continue reading Capernaum

Alone in Berlin

20 Nov 2019 Director: Vincent Pérez France, Germany, UK 2016 101 mins Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson play an ordinary working-class German couple who quietly wage a personal campaign of anti-Nazi resistance. Uninterested in politics and content to keep to themselves, factory foreman Otto and his dutiful wife Anna are unlikely dissidents. When their son… Continue reading Alone in Berlin

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

23 Oct 2019 Director: Matt Tyrnauer USA 2016 92 mins Legendary writer and urban activist Jane Jacobs fought aDavid-and-Goliath battle against New York City ‘master builder’Robert Moses. Her quest was to preserve the historicneighbourhoods of Greenwich Village, Soho and Little Italy againstMoses’ plans to divide and destroy them with expressways. Herbook, The Death and Life… Continue reading Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

The Heiresses

25 Sept 2019 Director: Marcelo Martinessi Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil 2018 98 mins An immaculate, entirely female-driven drama, The Heiresses isMartinessi’s debut feature. Both a piercing character study and acommentary on the Paraguayan class structure, it follows Chelaand Chiquita who are descended from wealthy families in Asunción,Paraguay. They have been together for over thirty years when… Continue reading The Heiresses

Cold War

01 Apr 2020 – Cancelled due to COVID Director: Paweł Pawlikowski Poland 2018 88 mins Cold War is a tumultuous love story about two people who,despite their overwhelming passion for each other, are fatefullymismatched. In a series of evocative episodes set across Poland,Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris in the 1950’s, we follow the lives ofsinger Zula… Continue reading Cold War

Land of Mine

18 Mar 2020 – Cancelled due to COVID Director: Martin Zandvliet Denmark, Germany 2015 101 min Land of Mine follows the little-known story of the young Germanprisoners of war who were handed over to Danish authorities in thedays following Germany’s surrender in May 1945. Tough veteranSergeant Carl Rasmussen is assigned by Lieutenant Ebbe Jensento diffuse… Continue reading Land of Mine

Jeune femme

10 Oct 2018 Director: Léonor Serraille France, Belgium 2017 98 min In Léonor Serraille’s livewire character study and sensational feature debut, Laetitia Dosch explodes onto the screen as Paula, a chaotic, impulsive thirty one-year-old Parisienne. Without money and nothing but a cat to her name, Paula finds that doors close in her face now that… Continue reading Jeune femme