20 October 2021



Director: Sarah Gavron

Rocks is Olushola Joy Omotoso (Bukky Bakray), a London teenager whose life is radically altered when she is left on her own with a little brother who needs her. Fearing they will be separated, she decides to step up to the situation. She tells no one and carries on with a little help from her friends, especially Sumaya (Kosar Ali). Based on a script by award-winning playwrights Theresa Ikoko and
Claire Wilson, Sarah Gavron’s Rocks is a raucous celebration of female friendship told with wit, compassion and vibrant performances from a stunning young ensemble. Insightful and deeply empathetic, this drama about teenagers forging their identities in a potentially hostile world is grittily realistic, yet also fiercely optimistic.

British Independent Film Awards 2021 Winner Best British Independent Film (Sarah Gavron)