The Heiresses

25 Sept 2019

Director: Marcelo Martinessi

Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil


98 mins

An immaculate, entirely female-driven drama, The Heiresses is
Martinessi’s debut feature. Both a piercing character study and a
commentary on the Paraguayan class structure, it follows Chela
and Chiquita who are descended from wealthy families in Asunción,
Paraguay. They have been together for over thirty years when their
precarious financial situation begins to impact upon their way of life and their relationship. Forced to cope on her own, Chela starts
driving for the first time in years, providing a local taxi service to a
group of elderly wealthy ladies. Encountering the much younger
Angy, they forge a fresh and exhilarating connection. This encourages Chela finally to break out of her shell and embark
on a personal revolution in which she engages with the world on new and intimate terms.

Sydney Film Festival 2018 – Winner of the Best Film Award