C’est la vie

09 Jan 2019

Director: Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache



117 min

In this deliciously deapan comic soufflé, a wedding threatens to erupt into an utter nightmare for the party’s cantankerous planner. Pierre and Héléna are holding their capacious wedding in a sumptuous 17th century castle. To choreograph the event they have secured the services of Max Angély, a seasoned caterer and party planner. Max is a battle-weary veteran of the wedding-planning racket but this assignment involves ridiculous period costumes, a hyper sensitive singer and a micromanaging groom. Meanwhile Max’s colleague, Joisette, is flirting openly with a much younger server. It’s going to be a very long night, especially once the groom’s aerial serenade gets underway.

Seattle International Film Festival 2018 – Nominee for Best Film Award