El Secreto de sus Ojos – The Secret In Their Eyes

02 Mar 11

Director: Juan José Campanella



127 min

Separated by time and circumstance, retired criminal-court employee Benjamín (Ricardo Darín) and his former superior (and unrequited love), Irene (Soledad Villamil), revisit an unresolved case from years before. It’s a lurid tale of a woman raped and murdered, a doting husband who wanted revenge and a killer who went free thanks to the tumultuous political climate of 1970s Argentina. While the characterisations often bow to the mechanics of the plot, Darín and Villamil make for an attractive couple (even when buried under ageing prosthetics) and Campanella shows a talent for sweeping, intricate camera work that brought the film the Best Foreign Film Oscar for 2010.

Best Foreign Film Oscar – 2010