20 Feb 2019

Director: Michael Hazanavicius

Italy, France, Myanmar


108 min

Adapted from the autobiographical novel Un An Après by actor Anne Wiazemsky, Redoubtable portrays her tumultuous relationship with Godard, from its start on a film set to its eventual unravelling in the midst of his spectacular philosophical and artistic meltdown during the political protests of 1968. It’s superbly directed with Hazanavicius creating a jaunty, lightly comedic tone for the outset of their marriage. An abundance of playful Godardian touches register both as parody of and homage to the great New Wave innovator but the film moves to a darker, more emotive study of Godard as he is caught up in the protest movement. With outstanding production design that brilliantly conjures up France in 1968, there is much to enjoy in this political, philosophical and biographical roller coaster.

Cannes Film Festival 2017 – Nominee for Palme d’Or