19 Oct 2016

Director: Lenny Abrahamson

Canada, Ireland


124 min

Seven years ago, Joy was abducted and held prisoner in a sparsely furnished and cramped garden shed. During her imprisonment, Joy shows great tenacity, bravery and ingenuity as she raises a son who is now five years old. Their only access to the outside world is a cheap television with poor reception The film highlights the life of the young mother in an appalling situation and also the effects on the young boy of being brought up in an environment in which he has never seen the outside world or any people other than his mother or captor. The situation may be grim but the film is not. It is a suspenseful, exciting and absorbing story of human determination in the most difficult of situations.

Nominated for Best Picture Oscar 2016

Brie Larson Winner Actress in a Leading Role Oscar 2016

People’s Choice Toronto Film Festival 2015