05 Feb 2020 Director: Wolfgang Fischer Germany, Austria 2018 94 min Rieke, a determined and confident Emergency doctor, embodies a Western ideal of happiness and success. She wants to fulfil a long-held dream by sailing alone from Gibraltar to the volcanic Ascension Island. Her voyage changes course drastically when she encounters a damaged boat overloaded… Continue reading Styx

Die Falscher – Counterfeiters

08 Oct 2008 Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky Austria, Germany 2007 98 min It takes a clever man to make money. It takes a genius to stay alive. Salomon ╩╗Sally╩╝ Sorowitsch is a master counterfeiter. He lives a roguish life of booze, women and cards. His luck runs out when he is arrested by the Nazis and… Continue reading Die Falscher – Counterfeiters