Woman at War

06 Nov 2019 Director: Benedikt Erlingsson Iceland 2018 100 min Of Horses and Men Director Benedikt Erlingsson addresses urgent issues with a light touch in this pleasingly off-the-wall combination of absurd comedy and tense drama. Halla seems to lead a quiet and routine existence but her happy and upbeat exterior hides a secret double life.… Continue reading Woman at War

Of Horses and Men

01 Apr 2015 Director: Benedikt Erlingsson Iceland, Germany 2013 81 min Iceland’s Oscar submission and theatre director Benedikt Erlingsson’s debut, Of Horses and Men is a dark, inventive and very distinctive film set in a quirky horse-riding community in stunning rural Iceland. Pondering the relationship between man and horse (the direct translation of the original… Continue reading Of Horses and Men