18 Mar 2015 Director: Cate Shortland Germany 2012 109 min Lore is a brave, gripping and relentlessly absorbing footnote to the most brutal chapter in human history that shows the legacy of Nazism through the eyes of innocent children. Without the usual scenes of torture and carnage, it examines the post-war landscape of a defeated… Continue reading Lore

Of Horses and Men

01 Apr 2015 Director: Benedikt Erlingsson Iceland, Germany 2013 81 min Iceland’s Oscar submission and theatre director Benedikt Erlingsson’s debut, Of Horses and Men is a dark, inventive and very distinctive film set in a quirky horse-riding community in stunning rural Iceland. Pondering the relationship between man and horse (the direct translation of the original… Continue reading Of Horses and Men

The Lunchbox

24 Sep 2014 Director: Ritesh Batra India, France, Germany, US 2013 104 min The Lunchbox combines vivid, bustling scenes of daily life in the teeming city of Mumbai with an unashamedly old-fashioned romantic story. Saajan is a soon-to-retire and world-weary office worker whose daily routine includes a lunchbox delivered to his desk by one of… Continue reading The Lunchbox

The Patience Stone

22 Oct 2014 Director: Atiq Rahimi Afghanistan, France, Germany, UK 2012 102 min In this drama from French-Afghan director Atiq Rahimi and based on his own prize-winning novel, a young Afghan woman (Golshifteh Farahani) struggles to care for her husband who has been incapacitated in a shooting. As food becomes short and a war wages… Continue reading The Patience Stone

Kaze Tachinu – The Wind Rises

19 Nov 2014 Director: Hayao Miyazaki Japan 2013 126 min Miyazaki’s final animated film is a breathtaking dream of flying crafted with hand-drawn attention to detail. A rich treat for the eye and soul alike, the fictional tale is inspired by the life of second world war Zero fighter plane designer, Jiro Horikoshi and the… Continue reading Kaze Tachinu – The Wind Rises


08 Oct 2014 Director: Steven Knight UK 2013 85 min Tom Hardy plays Ivan Locke, a married construction engineer, who leaves the site of a massive project and drives from Birmingham to Croydon. He spends most of the trip talking on his hands-free telephone and, whilst we hear both ends of each call, no other… Continue reading Locke

The House I Live In

05 Nov 2014 Director: Eugene Jarecki UK 2012 108 min Eugene Jarecki launches an angry and personal attack, from the libertarian left, on America’s war on drugs. Jarecki’s contention is that this is a grotesquely wasteful public-works scheme creating paid activity for the police, the judiciary and the construction companies building prisons by packing poor… Continue reading The House I Live In

Les Intouchables – Untouchable

03 Dec 2014 Directors: Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache France 2011 112min Culture-clash comedy blends with heart-tugging true-life drama in this charming tale of mischievous camaraderie. François Cluzet plays Philippe, an eccentric Parisian millionaire left paralysed from the neck down after an accident. He advertises for a live-in carer and is struck by Driss (Omar Sy),… Continue reading Les Intouchables – Untouchable

The General

17 Dec 2014 Directors: Clyde Bruckman, Buster Keaton USA 1926 80 min Buster Keaton plays Johnnie Gray, a locomotive driver in the south during the civil war, who has the long hair, dreamy gaze and slight build of a romantic poet. When his engine, The General, is stolen by Northern saboteurs, Johnnie single-handedly journeys behind… Continue reading The General