4 Jan 2017

Director: Naji Abu Nowar

Jordan, UK, UAE, Qatar


100 min

Set in 1916, on the eve of the great Arab revolt, Theeb unravels in the ruthless heat of Jordan’s desert. In a forgotten corner of the Ottoman Empire, during World War I, lies the campsite of a Bedouin tribe where orphaned Hussein and his little brother Theeb (Arabic for wolf) care little about politics. Their primary concern is survival. When a mysterious British officer arrives in the middle of the night, they comply with the Bedouin honour of brotherhood that says never to refuse a guest and soon embark with him on a dangerous journey across the desert. En route, young Theeb will encounter Arab revolutionaries, Ottoman mercenaries and bloodthirsty raiders. With remarkable photography and stirring music, Abu Nowar’s debut belongs in the tradition of the classic adventure film.

Orizzonti Award Best Director Venice 2014

Nominated Foreign Language Film Oscar 2016