04 Mar 2015

Director: Lucia Puenzo

Argentina, France, Spain, Norway


93 min

Lilith and her family move to Patagonia where her parents are taking control of a lakeside hotel. Coinciding with their arrival in the town is a visiting doctor, Helmut Gregor, from Germany who moves into the hotel while he waits for his wife to join him. Gregor becomes friends with the family but particularly with Lilith, whose stunted growth, due to hormone deficiencies, Gregor is eager to treat. Unbeknownst to Lilith’s family and the townspeople who come to accept the charismatic man as one of their own, Gregor is not at all who he appears to be. Wakolda is a gripping drama inspired by true events. Outstanding performances and beautiful cinematography complement Lucía’s taut script and assured direction.