Sweet Country

07 Nov 2018 Director: Warwick Thornton Australia 2017 113 min Warwick Thornton’s ravishing, agonising western is inspired by true events and set in Australia’s Northern Territory in 1929. Aboriginal stockman Sam works the land for kindly Christian preacher Fred Smith. When vicious war veteran Harry Morris returns to the area, tensions emerge and Sam is… Continue reading Sweet Country

Samson And Delilah

22 Sept 10 Director: Warwick Thornton Australia 2009 101 min This near-silent, sun-bleached love story focuses on a rundown community in the Australian desert. Barely a word is spoken between disaffected, petrol-sniffing Samson and wary, sensible Delilah from start to finish; they communicate primarily in looks and gestures. This Oscar-winning exposé of the shocking methods… Continue reading Samson And Delilah

Muriels Wedding

13 Dec 1995 Director: P.J.Hogan Australia 1994 105 min Muriel commits the social crime of wearing a stolen leopard skin dress to a local wedding and is rejected by her family and friends who populate the small Australian town of Porpoise Spit. Breaking out, Muriel goes on a spending spree and whilst on holiday teams… Continue reading Muriels Wedding