4 Oct 1995 Director: Antonia Bird UK 1994 103 min An idealistic young priest arrives to work in inner city Liverpool. Deeply troubled by his sexuality, he struggles with his vow of celibacy as he embarks on a homosexual affair which leaves him racked with guilt. Written by Jimmy McGovern (Brookside, Cracker), Priest is a… Continue reading Priest

Muriels Wedding

13 Dec 1995 Director: P.J.Hogan Australia 1994 105 min Muriel commits the social crime of wearing a stolen leopard skin dress to a local wedding and is rejected by her family and friends who populate the small Australian town of Porpoise Spit. Breaking out, Muriel goes on a spending spree and whilst on holiday teams… Continue reading Muriels Wedding

Madness Of King George

10 Jan 1996 Director: Nicholas Hytner UK, USA 1994 110 min Re-titled from the play The Madness of George III (so Americans would not ask to see I and II), this film is an ebullient tragic-comedy adapted by Alan Bennett from his own stage play. It is a ribald romp through the royal courtyards of… Continue reading Madness Of King George

Bullets Over Broadway

20 Mar 1996 Director: Woody Allen USA 1994 99 min David Shayne, played by John Cusack, is a playwright in 1920’s New York desperate to get his work shown. He is helped by Mafioso Nick Valenti who will finance the play if his girlfriend Olive with a glass shattering voice, gets a starring role. Valenti… Continue reading Bullets Over Broadway

Burnt By The Sun

17 Feb 1999 Director: Nikita Mikhalkov France, Russia 1994 146 min Colonel Serget Kotov, a hero of the revolution, is spending a few days on vacation, during the summer of 1936, in his wife Maroussia’s datcha, in the country. He is content with his radiant young wife and beloved daughter. Into the scene comes Dimitri… Continue reading Burnt By The Sun

Chasing Amy

03 Mar 1999 Director: Kevin Smith USA 1994 90 min Holden (Ben Affleck) and Banky are best friends and creators of a popular comic called ‘Bluntman and Chronic’. At a convention, Holden meets Alyssa, another writer, and falls in love with her. However, he has a problem, for Alyssa is a lesbian. His infatuation… Continue reading Chasing Amy