Paris, Je T’aime – Paris I Love You

4 Feb 2009 Director: Various France, Liechtenstein, Switzerland 2006 120 min A collage of twenty vignettes interweave, with stories of encounters within the districts of Paris. Each tale is helmed by a different director with an international cast and gracefully merges with the preceding piece. Together they compose an affectionate love letter to one of… Continue reading Paris, Je T’aime – Paris I Love You

Tais Toi! – Shut Up!

7 Jan 2009 Director: Jason Reitman USA, Canada 2007 96min Quentin (Gérard Depardieu), a dim-witted giant who loves to talk, finds himself in jail after a botched bank robbery. He is placed in a cell with Ruby (Jean Reno), a brooding, taciturn outlaw with 15 million pounds waiting on the outside. Quentin mistakes Rubyʼs silence… Continue reading Tais Toi! – Shut Up!

Tous Les Matins Du Monde

21 Feb 1996 Director: Alain Corneau France 1993 104 min During the reign of Louis XIV, eminent court musician Marin Marais (Gerard Depardieu) reflects on his career, in particular reminiscing about his days as a student of the brilliant Saint Colombe, whose magnificent melancholy compositions were inspired by his undying love for his dead wife.… Continue reading Tous Les Matins Du Monde