A Prairie Home Companion

15 Dec 10 Director: Robert Altman USA 2006 105 min The final film by the great Robert Altman, A Prairie Home Companion is the big screen adaption of Garison Keillor’s radio show. The film showcases plenty of the director’s strengths: it’s got a gigantic cast and plenty of quirky acting and dialogue. Much like the… Continue reading A Prairie Home Companion

La Tourneuse De Pages – The Page Turner

22 Oct 2008 Director: Denis Dercourt France 2006 85 min Mélanie Prouvost, the ten-year-old daughter of a butcher, is a gifted pianist. Her parents enrol her to sit for the Conservatoire entrance exam. Mélanie has the talent to be admitted but is distracted when the juryʼs president, Mme. Fouchécourt, signs an autograph and she is… Continue reading La Tourneuse De Pages – The Page Turner

Paris, Je T’aime – Paris I Love You

4 Feb 2009 Director: Various France, Liechtenstein, Switzerland 2006 120 min A collage of twenty vignettes interweave, with stories of encounters within the districts of Paris. Each tale is helmed by a different director with an international cast and gracefully merges with the preceding piece. Together they compose an affectionate love letter to one of… Continue reading Paris, Je T’aime – Paris I Love You


18 Mar 2009 Director: Rex Bloomstein UK 2006 97 min AS the picturesque town of Mauthausen in Austria goes about its daily life, coaches containing tourists and children arrive to a place just 2 kilometres away. Here, thousands of people from over thirty nations were tortured and murdered, for this is the site of a… Continue reading KZ