Career Girls

21 Oct 1998 Director: Mike Leigh UK 1997 87 min Annie (Lynda Steadman) reconnects with an old college friend, Hannah (Katrin Cartlidge); whom she has not seen since leaving university. They spend a weekend together during which Annie recalls her student days, portrayed by a series of flashbacks. During their reunion they encounter faces from… Continue reading Career Girls

El Espiritu de la Colmena – Spirit Of The Beehive

04 Nov 1998 Director: Victor Erice Spain 1973 98 min Set in rural Spain soon after Franco’s victor. Ana, a lonely village girl, goes to the town hall to see Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein. She becomes entranced with the creature. When her sister convinces Ana that the monster really exists, she sets off into the countryside… Continue reading El Espiritu de la Colmena – Spirit Of The Beehive

Michael Collins

18 Nov 1998 Director: Neil Jordan USA 1996 132 min Neil Jordan presents this historical tale of the 1920 political activist and member of the Irish Republican Army – Michael Collins. Liam Neeson plays Collins whose rise from terrorism on the streets to leadership and assassination is passionately charted here. The film deals with the… Continue reading Michael Collins

As Good As It Gets

16 Dec 1998 Director: James L Brooks USA 1997 138 min Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson both won Oscars for their performances in this irreverent comedy drama. Melvyn Udall (Nicholson) is a dysfunctional and altogether obnoxious individual trapped in a life of solitude by a compulsive obsessive disorder. Carol (Hunt) is the gutsy, independent waitress… Continue reading As Good As It Gets

Ma Vie En Rose

06 Jan 1999 Director: Alain Berliner France 1997 85 min My Life as a Rose concerns Ludovic, a young boy who appears at his parents’ house warming party dressed as an oriental princess. Prudery and bigotry raise their ugly faces against Ludo’s family as the boy’s transvestism inspires a hate campaign against them. Ludo is… Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose

L.A. Confidential

03 Feb 1999 Director: Curtis Hanson USA 1997 135 min This James Ellroy Novel turned to film, concerns crooked cops and devious dealings set in 1950’s LA. The brutal massacre in a burger bar starts a complicated and dangerous investigation by the few honest cops LA has left. Thereupon a tightly knitted plot unfolds to… Continue reading L.A. Confidential

Burnt By The Sun

17 Feb 1999 Director: Nikita Mikhalkov France, Russia 1994 146 min Colonel Serget Kotov, a hero of the revolution, is spending a few days on vacation, during the summer of 1936, in his wife Maroussia’s datcha, in the country. He is content with his radiant young wife and beloved daughter. Into the scene comes Dimitri… Continue reading Burnt By The Sun