08 Jan 2020 Director: Hirokazu Kore-eda Japan 2018 121 min Shoplifters is a complex, profoundly moving drama about the forces holding a struggling family together. Osamu, his wife Nobuyu and grandma Hatsue head the Shibatas family. Poverty- stricken and living in a ramshackle Tokyo bungalow, they routinely turn to petty thieving to make ends meet.… Continue reading Shoplifters

Kaze Tachinu – The Wind Rises

19 Nov 2014 Director: Hayao Miyazaki Japan 2013 126 min Miyazaki’s final animated film is a breathtaking dream of flying crafted with hand-drawn attention to detail. A rich treat for the eye and soul alike, the fictional tale is inspired by the life of second world war Zero fighter plane designer, Jiro Horikoshi and the… Continue reading Kaze Tachinu – The Wind Rises


01 Dec 10 Director: Akira Kurosawa Japan 1950 88 min Kurosawa’s epic samurai movies inspired such films as The Magnificent Seven, Star Wars and A Fistful of Dollars with their meticulously planned shots and expansive cinematography. This brilliantly executed early masterpiece is based on the challenging premise that truth can be subjective. The viewer witnesses… Continue reading Rashomon