A Prairie Home Companion

15 Dec 10 Director: Robert Altman USA 2006 105 min The final film by the great Robert Altman, A Prairie Home Companion is the big screen adaption of Garison Keillor’s radio show. The film showcases plenty of the director’s strengths: it’s got a gigantic cast and plenty of quirky acting and dialogue. Much like the… Continue reading A Prairie Home Companion

In The Valley Of Elah

18 Feb 2009 Director: Paul Haggis USA 2007 121 min Mike Deerfield returns home from a tour of duty in Iraq and disappears. His father, Hank (Tommy Lee Jones), a retired military policeman from the Vietnam era, sets out to find him. He finds help from detective Emily Saunders (Charlize Theron), but the pair face… Continue reading In The Valley Of Elah