Career Girls

21 Oct 1998 Director: Mike Leigh UK 1997 87 min Annie (Lynda Steadman) reconnects with an old college friend, Hannah (Katrin Cartlidge); whom she has not seen since leaving university. They spend a weekend together during which Annie recalls her student days, portrayed by a series of flashbacks. During their reunion they encounter faces from… Continue reading Career Girls

As Good As It Gets

16 Dec 1998 Director: James L Brooks USA 1997 138 min Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson both won Oscars for their performances in this irreverent comedy drama. Melvyn Udall (Nicholson) is a dysfunctional and altogether obnoxious individual trapped in a life of solitude by a compulsive obsessive disorder. Carol (Hunt) is the gutsy, independent waitress… Continue reading As Good As It Gets

Ma Vie En Rose

06 Jan 1999 Director: Alain Berliner France 1997 85 min My Life as a Rose concerns Ludovic, a young boy who appears at his parents’ house warming party dressed as an oriental princess. Prudery and bigotry raise their ugly faces against Ludo’s family as the boy’s transvestism inspires a hate campaign against them. Ludo is… Continue reading Ma Vie En Rose

L.A. Confidential

03 Feb 1999 Director: Curtis Hanson USA 1997 135 min This James Ellroy Novel turned to film, concerns crooked cops and devious dealings set in 1950’s LA. The brutal massacre in a burger bar starts a complicated and dangerous investigation by the few honest cops LA has left. Thereupon a tightly knitted plot unfolds to… Continue reading L.A. Confidential